CurTec sponsors sustainable hydrogen electric racing

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CurTec sponsors sustainable hydrogen electric racing

By Marc Martens

Each year, CurTec sponsors a number of projects, ranging from charities to environmental research and sustainable development projects. In the latter category, we supported Forze Delft with Lidded Crates last year. Forze develops racing cars powered by hydrogen generated electricity.

Forze was called to life in 2007 to bring a positive contribution to the sustainability of the mobility industry. With 70 passionate and talented students from mostly the TU Delft, Forze build the first hydrogen-electric race car.

In a conventional car, the energy that is stored in fuel is converted to mechanical energy, by using the principle of combustion. The Forze car however, utilize a different and far more efficient concept. The propulsion is electric, but the race car generates its own on-board electricity by converting hydrogen gas in a fuel cell. The efficiency of the fuel conversion is about two to three times higher than that of a conventional combustion engine.

By developing hydrogen race cars, Forze wants to emphasize the potential of hydrogen as a fuel. During the eight years of its existence, Forze has achieved many great things like building the fastest hydrogen race car ever.

Team Manager Rick Everaert: "The Lidded Crates are used in our workshop for storage of parts and tools. Several teams are working on the Forze VI racing car, all with their own materials and tools. CurTec crates not only offer good protection but also prevent the workshop from becoming a mess."

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