CurTec scores high on CSR Platform EcoVadis

CurTec scores high on CSR Platform EcoVadis

By Marc Martens

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an important role in all business processes. CurTec chose ISO 26000 as a starting point for mapping out its CSR ambitions and activities. CurTec's recent participation on the EcoVadis platform has made its activities visible and measurable. From the outset, CurTec turned out to be among the top 8% of its peer group.

CSR is hot
It has taken some time, but CSR is now a really hot topic! Sustainable and socially responsible business practice have become an integral part of all organizations. You cannot open a newspaper or read a brochure without coming across an article that mentions the word ‘sustainable’ – and that is a good thing.

After years of overproducing low value goods with a growing waste pile, more and more companies are switching to sustainable manufacturing and are consciously handling their waste and carbon footprint. The industry is committed to establishing new sustainable innovations and CurTec is part of this trend.

Biobased packagingProduct innovation
A good example is the introduction of Biobased Packaging. CurTec uses plastic from a renewable source (sugar cane) to produce drums and small volume containers. These products have exactly the same characteristics as HDPE packaging made from crude oil but do not use up fossil fuels.

Besides creating sustainable products, CurTec drew up and signed a “CSR Self-Declaration” in accordance with the ISO 26000 standard in January 2016. With every business decision, CurTec weighs the social and economic impact, keeping the interests of stakeholders in mind. Stakeholders could be clients, employees, and suppliers, but also investors, local residents and society as a whole.

The EcoVadis platform
Last year, some clients wanted to receive a CSR declaration via EcoVadis - an industry platform which aims to promote the integration of sustainability criteria in client-supplier relationships. By deploying a reliable, world-wide and easy-to-use CSR assessment, they help companies manage risks and promote eco innovations.

CurTec joined EcoVadis in June 2016. The method is based on a 21 point criteria which are subdivided into 4 themes: environment, fair labor practices, ethical/fair business practices, and supply chain. Member companies have to complete a questionnaire and provide proof which allows their results to become visible to other members on a scorecard. Right from the start, CurTec ranked in the top 8% of its peer group!

Score review
Every year, participants can submit new data which will lead to a score review. CSR is a continuously changing process that empowers EcoVadis participants to constantly improve themselves and to excel wherever possible.

Please contact us for more information about CurTec’s CSR and for access to EcoVadis.

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