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Exotic mammals rehabilitate with plastic CurTec drums

By Marc Martens

Every year, the AAP foundation takes care of hundreds of exotic animals. Apes and other mammals like prairie dogs, nose bears, tigers and lions are temporarily sheltered by AAP and guided to a new and dignified life. CurTec drums help apes to withdraw from human attention in a special way.

AAP (Animal Advocacy and Protection) shelters hundreds of apes and other exotic mammals on a yearly basis in Almere (The Netherlands) and Villena (Spain). The animals all have different backgrounds: they have served in the entertainment industry, have been used for animal testing or have been domesticated for many years. Quite often they have been abused or neglected and they need to recuperate. AAP not only offers the animals rest and veterinary care but also (social) rehabilitation and teaches them how to live and behave in a group.

They also need to unlearn certain things. Especially ex-pets tend to ignore their own kind because they are used to human attention and therefore have a hard time making friends. Apes that were kept in small cages or have been lonely, often show stereotyped behavior like constant pacing or self-mutilation. Distracting them with food puzzles, toys and others of their own species, helps them to break their old habits.

CurTec supports AAP with Wide Neck Drums which are used as toys and also as containers for food. Instead of waiting until lunch is served, the animals, just like in nature, have to make an effort if they want to eat – which leads to funny situations. The drums are not only attractive toys because of their shape and color, they are also food safe and keep food longer intact.

When the animals are healthy again and display their normal behavior, AAP tries to find them a decent new home – for instance a zoo or nature reserve – thus creating new spaces for other animals in distress. Besides animal rescue, they also make a case for better animal legislation in Europe.

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