CurTec sponsors Under the Pole

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UNDER THE POLE® is a series of audacious and modern underwater polar expeditions, inspired by the odyssey of Commander Jacques Cousteau. It aims to explore the polar world in all its diversity from a new angle. The expeditions are not only focused on carrying out scientific arctic research and diving physiology research but also on bringing back unique images of a world that is disappearing due to global warming.

From 2017 to 2020, Under The Pole embarks on an extraordinary adventure dedicated to exploring the oceans. Under the Pole III will take a team of divers and scientists sailing around the world for three years on board the WHY Polar Schooner, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, by way of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

As official technical partner of UNDER THE POLE®, CurTec supports their expeditions with high performance packaging. Screw lid drums will make sure that the expensive equipment and supplies of the crew stay dry and intact throughout their journey.

CurTec sponsors Under the Pole with drums

CurTec drums not only protect against water ingress, but also have an ultra-low moisture vapor transmission rate.

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