Maintain powder integrity with plastic packaging

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Preserving the integrity and quality of dry powdered products is an increasing concern for the pharma and specialty chemicals industry. Avoiding caking, ensuring stability and preventing contamination are some of the issues between production and the final application in which bulk packaging plays an important role.

Powder handling

Offloading and packing dry powdered products require proper dust containment to protect product and operators. The industry offers ample primary and secondary dust containment solutions to improve security levels during powder handling. Sealing heads and dust flow booths protect operating staff during the powder handling process and reduce product loss to a minimum. But what happens after packing?

After packing, powders need protection from the environment, guaranteeing their physical and chemical stability and maintaining product integrity during storage and shipping. Proper packaging is of utmost importance.

Caked powder

Prevent moisture vapor ingress

Although the primary packaging is considered most important because it is in direct contact with the powder, the secondary pack has real added value because it offers a barrier to moisture and/or UV light and can resist shock and impact.

CurTec supplies a range of high performance plastic drums and bulk containers for both primary and secondary purposes. They provide an excellent barrier against moisture: All CurTec packs have screw lids with (integrated) gaskets which prevent moisture or water from entering through the closure and cause powders to harden.

Robust and secure drums

CurTec drums offer powders excellent protection against outside impact: the forks of a forklift truck can easily damage cardboard or fiber, especially when softened by water, or dent metal pails resulting in product loss. Plastic drums cannot be weakened by water or moisture vapor and keep their mechanical strength.

All packs bear a UN marking which is proof that they are constantly tested for mechanical strength with drop and stacking tests. They are also easy to stack because the shape of the base is adapted to the lid. This perfect fit is indispensable for proper packaging and securing on a pallet.

Would you like proof of performance? We can offer you accreditation documents of moisture vapor transmission and transport simulations and UN and DOT reports.

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