How to avoid migration risks caused by plasticizers

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How to avoid migration risks caused by plasticizers

By Maaike Rijk & Marc Martens

Plasticizers (phthalates) are harmful to people and the environment. Despite this fact, they are used to improve the properties of materials such as plastics. However, plasticizers can migrate making plastic packaging and its contents become hazardous for users and their environment. What do you need to consider?

Plasticizers or phthalates are oily, odourless substances that are used in the production of plastics. The advantage of phthalates is that they improve the durability and increase the flexibility of plastics, broadening their use. The downside is that they are harmful to people and the environment. Research has shown that phthalates can cause cancer, harm kidneys, liver and lungs and affect fertility.

That is why the EU and the FDA have drawn up rules for the use of phthalates as plasticizers in plastics. Plasticizers can be used within specific limits without causing health risks. Therefore safe plastic packaging should meet these requirements so you can avoid product damage and health risk for your clients.

CurTec manufactures packaging from both HDPE and polypropylene. Contrary to HDPE, polypropylene can contain traces of plasticizers. However, these traces fully comply with the rules set in EU directive 10/2011. Therefore all of our packaging is completely safe for your products.

Would you like to supply a safe product and keep customer satisfaction high? Then choose a certified packaging from a reputable supplier. CurTec packaging also meets other requirements. Would you like to know more?

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