Childproof packaging for swimming pool chemicals

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Childproof packaging for swimming pool chemicals

By Maaike Rijk

CurTec was recently challenged to find a suitable packaging for swimming pool chemicals. It had to be childproof but still easy to open for senior citizens. We presented Click Pack: a nestable and stackable container with a special locking button that creates a childproof closure. After extensive testing, both in the laboratory and real world, the pack was approved - just in time for the new swimming pool season.

Tighter legislation: reducing child deaths
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), in Europe an estimated 3,000 children die each year as a result of poisoning. 90% of these accidents occur in and around the house. A childproof closure can reduce this percentage to almost zero. At the same time, however, the packaging must be easy for senior citizens and other users to open.  In more and more countries, the legislation for packaging is being adjusted accordingly. So too in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The most important markets for our client.

Click Pack locking buttonChildproof packaging due to locking button
Click Pack has a special locking button. When pressed, the cap is turned a quarter turn to open it. This makes the Click Pack not only safe for children but easy for senior citizens to open.

Tested for child safety and ‘easy opening’ for senior citizens
How is the packaging tested for safety and ease of opening? A test group of senior citizens between the ages of 50 and 70 received written instructions, after which they had to open the Click Pack within 5 minutes. The other test group, children between the ages of 3 and 6, were given 5 minutes to open the packaging without any instructions. Of course, the latter group was not mean to succeed in this.

The tests were carried out by the Belgian Packaging Institute (BVI) in accordance with international child safety standard ISO 8317 (2004/AC2005). After various tests, the Click Pack was certified for child-safety and ease of opening for senior citizens.

Good packaging can avoid many dangers, in this case accidents involving chemicals in and around the house. CurTec welcomes collaborating with you in how you can solve your packaging challenges and minimize your risk.

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