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How to increase the safety of your packaging

By Marc Martens

Product integrity is a particularly important issue as pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals become more complex, delicate and sensitive to environmental conditions. Theft and tampering are unfortunately quite common in these industries. Much damage can be avoided by using high quality packaging that allows the use of tamper evident seals.

CurTec’s plastic drums, pails, jars, and attached lid containers can be made tamper evident fast and easy. Securing a lid by applying a shrink wrap or safe seal label is an option, but it is much easier to use a pull tight seal, sealing strip, or pin. Our packages are suitable for standard industry seals or, alternatively, offer a custom designed tamper evident seal:

  • Drums are suitable for standard plastic or metal sealing strips
  • Click Pack pails have their own sealing pins but are also suitable for standard plastic or metal sealing strips
  • Attached lid containers have both plastic sealing strips and pins
  • Packo and Kiuso have a tear-off sealing strip attached to the lid

No matter which tamper evident solution you choose, protecting the integrity of your valuable goods reduces the cost caused by product loss and complaints, boosts brand image, and increases your customer’s satisfaction.

Download the White Paper about Tamper evidence protection systems or contact us now for more info.

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