New Click Pack capacity and increased handling comfort

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New Click Pack capacity and increased handling comfort

By Marc Martens

CurTec continues to invest in Click Pack. Last year Click Packx became available in HDPE and the 6 litre capacity was launched. As of now, the Click Pack product range is extended with a 10 litre Click Packy and the 6 litre Click Packy is available with a plastic handle.

The new capacity has been developed after receiving requests from existing customers. The 10 litre container fits beneath the lid of the 15 and 20 litre container and is even easier to empty because of its limited height. At this moment the full range exists of five capacities: 6, 10, 15, 20 and 25 litres.

Click Pack with plastic carrying gripComfort upgrade
CurTec increases the comfort of Click Pack: as of now the 6 litre capacity is available with a handle. Originally Click Pack has been designed with two ergonomically shaped handgrips but in order to make pouring and carrying more easily, a plastic handle is optionally available for this capacity.

Click Pack is a nestable HDPE container with a screw lid. The container can be closed and opened with just a quarter-turn. The lid can be sealed tamper evident and has a closure that protects against moisture ingress. Click Packs are suitable for the transport of hazardous solids thanks to the UN-X or Y certification.

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