Packo: Modified design and new raw material

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Packo: Modified design and new raw material

By Marc Martens

CurTec made a minor design change to the Packo lid to improve the overall performance of the pack. We also switched to HDPE as raw material for all Packo containers and lids to comply with new food safety regulation and secure continuity of supply.

Raw material change

As of January 1st 2016, all plastic packaging materials must comply with newly defined overall migration limits which are laid down in EU legislation (EC 10/2011) on materials for food contact. CurTec wants its packaging products to comply with the new food contact regulation. However, analysis showed that we could not achieve that goal with all our raw materials and colorants.

Until September, most Packo’s were manufactured of one PP brand for which we had no suitable alternative brands. In order to secure continuity of supply, we decided to switch to HDPE as raw material for all Packo containers and lids. We have sufficient alternate HDPE brands available to us with a higher reliability of supply.

Design change
In the past we have received feedback from customers that the screw lids were sometimes difficult to fit on Packo containers. This was caused by the tab on the tamper evidence strip which is attached to the lids. Sometimes it got bent in the box during transport and folded inwards when placed on a container.

Old tab                                                     New tab

Therefor we made a minor design change to the lid and turned the tab of the tamper evidence strip upwards so that it cannot bend anymore.

As of today, all Packos are available in HDPE with a modified tamper evidence strip. For more info

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