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How to maintain tablet elegance during bulk shipment

By Marc Martens

When making tablets, it is not only important that they contain the correct amount of active ingredients and excipients, they also need to look attractive or ‘elegant’ if you will. People will hesitate to swallow a damaged tablet because it could be less effective and appears to be cheaply manufactured. Intermediate bulk packaging plays a crucial role in protecting the integrity and appearance of a tablet.

Maintaining tablet elegance is important for consumer acceptance and a constant challenge for pharma companies. Consider all the ways a tablet can fail to please: Tablets can break, chip, dust, swell and soften during compression, coating, storage and (bulk) shipment. Adjusting the formulation, modifying production parameters and paying special attention to loading and unloading of coating pans can reduce these negative effects during tablet production. But what about storage and shipment?

Intermediate bulk storage and shipment
Once the tablets are out of the press and they have passed quality control, their elegance needs to be maintained until they are consumed. Normally tablets are stored and shipped in bulk to other locations or contract packagers for unit-dose packaging. Common risks during intermediate bulk storage and shipment again include degradation by breakage and softening.

Controlling tablet breakage and softening
Degradation occurs if an intermediate bulk tablet container does not offer reliable protection against moisture and fails to handle the mechanical shocks of transport and pallet handling. The first line of defense is a solid and robust container with a low, consistent and reliable moisture vapor transmission rates.

Preventing moisture vapor ingress
CurTec’s high performance plastic drums and containers offer superior moisture resistance compared to other packaging materials. All CurTec packs have screw lids with integrated gaskets which prevent moisture or water from entering the container.

Robust and secure drums
CurTec drums also offer excellent protection against outside impact: the forks of a forklift truck can easily pierce a fiber drum for instance, especially when the cardboard is softened by water. Plastic drums cannot be weakened by water or moisture and keep their mechanical strength. They also can be reused over and over without losing their integrity or elegance.

Proven performance
CurTec drums bear a UN marking which not only means they are suitable for shipping hazmat but also proves they are under constant quality surveillance. CurTec can offer you accreditation documents of moisture vapor transmission, transport simulations and UN/ DOT reports.

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