High performance Packo jars for Virkon<sup>TM</sup> S - a market leading biosecurity disinfectant

High performance Packo jars for VirkonTM S - a market leading biosecurity disinfectant

By Stephen Fleming & Marc Martens

Strong weapons need strong casings. Our robust yet small plastic Packo jar protects Virkon™ S – a powerful broad spectrum veterinary disinfectant, which is used extensively to fight foot and mouth disease, avian influenza and salmonella. In fact, it is so powerful, it is effective against over 500 strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi and is selected by governments worldwide for emergency disease control.

Virkon™ S is manufactured at the Sudbury site of specialty chemicals company Lanxess by Antec International. For many years now, Antec has used CurTec’s plastic Packo jars to ensure clean, safe and secure global shipment of their product.

Depending on the dose desired for treatment, the jars are either emptied in one go or spooned out. In both cases, the pack has to be reliable and secure. Antec chose the 1000 ml Packo jars for these reasons:

  • Robust construction guarantees Virkon™ S arrives safely and intact ready to perform, even at extremely remote destinations
  • The valuable content is safe from tampering and protected against moisture ingress
  • Packo parts are optically-clean and help to prevent contamination
  • The quarter-turn closure allows comfortable and fast opening and closing

CurTec produces the jars and lids in exclusive colors to match the Virkon™ product family look and to support the high quality image of both Antec International and the Virkon™ product range.

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