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Avoid contamination, replace fibre

By Marc Martens

Does your company use fibre drums to pack valuable products? This type of packaging material often suits its purpose, but in certain situations it can also entail various risks. Fortunately there is a great alternative: plastic. It is safe for your product and staff, clean and efficient to use.

What are the possible risks of fibre?

  • When opening, closing or moving fibre drums, damage can occur due to friction. Cardboard particles often come free, contaminating your valuable goods as a result
  • The metal clamp closure often causes injuries to users. Metal particles also contaminate the content when opening and closing
  • Fibre drums offer poor resistance to sudden impact, water and steam
  • Fibre drums are in general not re-usable, or can only be reused to a certain extent. Therefore the total cost is often high

Plastic: all the benefits without the risks
Plastic drums provide all the benefits of fibre drums, but without the risks. A plastic drum is less susceptible to damage. It also protects your valuable goods for longer as it is resistant to moisture and retains its representative properties much better.

CurTec takes pride in developing smart packaging solutions which are safe, sustainable and user-friendly. For example:

  • Moisture tight closure: All our packaging products have screw lids with a gasket. They are easy and safe to close and prevent spillage and contamination of your goods
  • Nestability: Some CurTec drums are nestable. High volume packaging helps maximise your shipping volume and reduces transport weight - meaning fewer CO2 emissions and other environmental pollutants. Our nestable drums can help lower your transport costs by 30%
  • Reusability: CurTec products are made of high quality plastic and contain high quality colorants. Because of their robust design and construction, they can be re-used over and over again

Although the initial investment in a plastic drum can be higher, in the long term your total supply chain cost will decrease.

Fibre or plastic?
Are you considering changing to a safer and more sustainable packaging solution? CurTec can assist you in making the right choice. We can provide you with a free guideline that helps you to select the optimal packaging solution. Apply for a Packaging Scan.

What is a Packaging Scan?

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