Video: Seafood under pressure

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Video: Seafood under pressure

By Marc Martens

Processing seafood the traditional way is a big hassle. It is done by hand and the seafood is cooked twice to get rid of all the bacteria. Up until now there is no machine that can emulate that. But that could be about to change. And CurTec drums are involved.

The Teagasc Food Research Centre in Ashtown (Dublin) has developed a food processing technique using high pressure, water and CurTec drums to get seafood such as crabs, lobsters and clams out of its shell. The drums are filled with water and seafood and then placed into a machine where pressure is built up to the equivalent of 30 kilometres down into the ocean!

See how this new high pressure processing technique reduces food processing time and delivers beautiful and bacteria-free seafood. This clip from Food Unwrapped (season 6 – episode 9) features 6 and 26 litre Wide Neck Drums.

About the programme
This food and sciences series by Channel 4 travels the world to lift the lid on what's really in the food we eat:

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