Shelf life

How to keep your goods at their best

How do you maintain the optimum quality of your products for as long as possible? You probably often improve the characteristics of your products to increase their shelf life. However, certain substances in your products still remain susceptible to perishing.  This is often due to external factors, which can be expected or unexpected. Variations in humidity, light and temperature affect the shelf life of your end products. This can be during distribution, storage or when the product is being used. Fortunately, appropriate packaging can avoid a lot of this.

The role of material choice on shelf life
Humidity is one of the villains which impair shelf life. Every packaging material responds in a different way to humidity. Even materials which are strong and robust can be unsuitable for resisting humidity. For example, cardboard is particularly vulnerable to humidity. If it is too dry, this affects its strength. On the other hand, excessive humidity encourages mould growth.

So what is the correct packaging?
Therefore, to keep your products at optimum quality it is important to choose the right materials. When you choose packaging, look at the process your product goes through. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • How many different environments does your product go through?
  • How is your product transported?
  • Are the contents sensitive to UV light?
  • Does humidity affect the quality of the contents?

Be on the safe side
A contaminated or impaired product is an unnecessary waste of time and money. Do you want to be sure that a particular packaging is suitable for your product? Then ask your packaging supplier for the packing specifications. Good packaging is always tested for factors such as humidity control, stability, UV protection and strength.

CurTec packaging is clean, safe and certified. Do you want advice on how to optimise the shelf life of your filling product?

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Mike Harris (Production Manager at Algatechnologies)

'I have had only positive experiences with the whole CurTec team. From the quality of the products, to the ease of the procurement and shipping. I have been kept updated at every stage. Any time I have had a question or query it has been handled swiftly, professionally and with attentive after sales service. We make an enormous investment in the manufacturing of our products – we needed to know that the packaging is going to be of the highest quality. The CurTec containers have never let us down. We trust them and our customers have learned to expect the best.'

Mike Harris (Production Manager at Algatechnologies)