Protection against UV light

UV light is all around us. Fluorescent industrial lighting sends out a UV component which has a damaging effect on the quality of packaged products, with food and food ingredients particularly sensitive to the effects of UV light.  Several barriers can be used to defend against UV light, and the easiest and most common is colour.

How does colour work?
To recognise the effect of colour as a UV barrier it is first important to understand what colour is. The fact that we can see colours is due to reflection. The eye’s retina catches certain beams of light, after which signals are sent from the eyes to the brain – allowing us to see what is in front of us. Different frequencies of light determine what colour we see.

UV barriers through colour
Adding certain colours to plastic is the most effective method of protecting packaging against the effects of UV light. Through our research we know that some colours are better at blocking or filtering UV light than others. Red and yellow for example are much more sensitive to UV-light permeation then grey or black. Why is this?

Colours work like a filter. Due to its atom structure, ‘carbon black’ packaging is almost completely opaque, meaning it will absorb or reflect most light rays. White is also a very effective barrier against UV light as it reflects rays back off its surface. Grey combines the effect of black and white and is also widely used as a UV filter.

Will coloured packaging damage my goods?
No. Safe colouring agents are added to plastic that do not contaminate the product inside. By blocking out UV light - partially or totally - your goods will keep their characteristics and quality for longer.

CurTec manufactures packaging that offers 100% protection against UV light. Avoid product spoilage. Invest in high performance packaging with a UV barrier.

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Do your goods need protection against UV light? CurTec can advise on UV light protection.

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