Hygiene management

Reduce your risks with clean packaging

Hygiene management or HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) was once thought of only in connection with food or food ingredients, but it now extends to a number of other industries as well. The pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries have increasingly adopted hygiene management to protect their goods, and it is no longer confined just to the production process but to the supply chain as a whole.

The risk of contamination
When it comes to packaging and transporting valuable goods, all risks must be eliminated. Products frequently suffer contamination or loss of quality when stored and transported. In most cases it is difficult and costly to purify a contaminated product without damaging its characteristics. It can also be harmful to a company’s reputation if products repeatedly suffer impairment through improper storage. A clean, safe and strong container can help reduce such risks.

High demands on hygiene standards
A basic requirement of any packaging is that it is clean and free from dirt visible to the naked eye, but in many cases a greater demand is placed on containers’ cleanliness. Sometimes even the smallest amount of contamination can cause product impairment. One of CurTec’s customers, DSM – a manufacturer of optical fibre coatings – requires packaging that is almost 100 per cent clean in order to protect against damage. In cases like these, CurTec uses special testing equipment to guarantee cleanliness and give our clients the assurance they need.

Making sure your packaging is clean
CurTec sees it as a responsibility to our customers to help them meet cleanliness standards. Besides providing visually clean packaging, we can also advise on packaging solutions when greater hygiene levels are required.

Are you unsure about the type of packaging you require? Or do you have a product which demands a high level of packaging cleanliness?

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Chemtura: “Granulates and powders with a high-quality appearance”
Chemtura: “Granulates and powders with a high-quality appearance”

Chemtura was looking for a packaging solution for premium powders and granulates. Amongst their requirements were safety, ease of use and acceptance by customers. “The appearance of the packaging must be in keeping with our quality”, said Leen Verhoeven, Packaging Project Manager for Europe.

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Vitamin E derivatives well-protected in Click Pack
Vitamin E derivatives well-protected in Click Pack

Isochem uses Click Pack for a hot-fill application in a clean room environment. The nestable container is used as a primary pack for a Vitamin E derivative called TPGS.

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