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How to reduce risk and cost of chemical transport

CurTec is closely related to the specialty chemicals industry. Ever since our first chemical customer decided that wide neck drums would offer optimal protection to ship glass paints worldwide, it has been our challenge to provide the best possible packaging solutions and first class service to the industry.

Today CurTec drums and containers are used by a large number of specialty chemicals companies in the world. We add value to the supply chain of companies producing bio chemicals, chemicals for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications and other specialties. Recent applications include packaging for protective coatings for optical glass fibre, peptides and iodine derivates.

CurTec provides packaging solutions to chemical companies that wish to improve the safety and security of the transport of their high value products. Sustainable solutions that not only increase your customer’s satisfaction but also allow cost reduction.

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Chemtura: “Granulates and powders with a high-quality appearance”
Chemtura: “Granulates and powders with a high-quality appearance”

Chemtura was looking for a packaging solution for premium powders and granulates. Amongst their requirements were safety, ease of use and acceptance by customers. “The appearance of the packaging must be in keeping with our quality”, said Leen Verhoeven, Packaging Project Manager for Europe.

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Cisca Breeuwer (Purchasing Manager at Huntsman)

‘Within Huntsman Holland we have high standards for collecting and transporting waste. For our Rotterdam site we need to transport our waste in a safe manner. Therefore we need to be able to rely on a plastic drum which conforms to UN regulations, is of consistent quality and is always available when we need it.’

Cisca Breeuwer (Purchasing Manager at Huntsman)

Maxence Wittebolle (General Manager at BVI)

‘Choosing the right packaging should always depend on the product and the entire logistics path. That is why you should know your requirements and choose a packaging supplier that contributes towards your quality requirements.’

Maxence Wittebolle (General Manager at BVI)

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