CurTec offers high performance plastic packaging for various agricultural applications. We fulfil specific packaging needs of companies in the flower bulbs, flower and other agricultural industries. Adding value to your supply chain through clever packaging solutions is our target.

Added value lies predominantly in the areas of cleanliness, safety and reliability. CurTec understands that a packaging should be clean to avoid contamination in a bulb forcing process. And that a packaging should be secure enough to protect bulbs and flowers during transit.

But we also create competitive advantages for customers by supplying them reusable plastic packaging. Reuse of packaging can reduce total supply chain cost not to mention improves the sustainability and image of your company.

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Plastic trays add value to bulb forcing process
Plastic trays add value to bulb forcing process

Some years ago, Sande switched from wooden to plastic bulb forcing trays because they offered many advantages over the traditional wooden containers.



Marinus Oskam (CEO at Oskam)

‘A disastrous fire that swept through our company not only destroyed our premises but also our entire stockpile of bulb forcing trays. We immediately decided to continue with CurTec bulb forcing trays because experience taught us that they last a lifetime. CurTec was able to supply us with new trays in a relatively short time. We received continuous updates about the quantities that could be manufactured thanks to the extra efforts of CurTec employees. Thanks to that we managed to get through the flower season without too many problems.’

Marinus Oskam (CEO at Oskam)

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