Zehentmayer increases customer acceptance of dietary supplements

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Packaging is of great importance for the quality perception and customer acceptance of a product. Nobody wants to buy or use a product that is damaged or contaminated. Zehentmayer manufactures dietary supplements from moor mud which build up pressure inside a package after filling. CurTec supplies them with a pack that stays intact and neat during transport and storage.

Peat or moor is one of the oldest medicines in the world. It is an ideal heat carrier; the beneficent warmth of moor baths stimulates the blood flow in all body parts. Moor also contains valuable nutrients gathered over thousands of years from flowers, herbs, and other plants.

Peat/ moor

Zehentmayer from Winden (Switzerland) produces high quality animal dietary supplements out of moor mud. The moor drink is called Sanofor and can be added to the drinking water of livestock and pets. The product stimulates and restores the intestinal flora, strengthens their resistance, and is particularly suitable for young animals who are often susceptible to bacteria.

The peat moor which is the basis for Sanofor is excavated in the moors of the Austrian state of  Vorarlberg. At Zehentmayer, the peat is grinded and water is added until it has the right consistency for consumption. After filling into the final packaging, the solid part sinks to the bottom leaving the liquid part on top. The plastic jars Zehentmayer had used in the past had a bad closure and started to leak during shipment by mail, which led to customer complaints.

Filling packo jar with moor mud

One of Zehentmayer’s distributors recommended testing CurTec’s Packo jars. The Packo has a screw lid with integrated gasket which has the capacity to allow pressure release without spilling the moor mud. The Packo capacities are also larger so they can avoid brimful filling. Choosing our Packo results in a stable packaging that is presentable and stays intact during transport; this allows avoiding the cost of product loss and repairing company image.

Closing Packo jar with a lid locker

Other advantages: The Packo can be processed much quicker than the old jar because it only has two parts.As a result, adding an inlay before closing can be avoided. Our Packo is also easier to label thanks to a smooth outside wall. Moreover, contamination of contents can be avoided because the jars are optically clean.

CurTec packaging is food safe and is manufactured in a GMP certified production facility. With that, the Packo meets the quality demands that Zehentmayer makes related to QS quality assurance of food products.

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