Custom designed packaging

Custom designed packaging offers added value to your supply chain. CurTec can design packaging that fits your exact needs and helps you to decrease your cost and increase your profit.

CurTec offers a standard range of high performance packaging with extraordinary qualities that are suitable for a large number of applications and meet the requirements of many users. However user requirements can differ considerably and no two applications are exactly alike.

What happens when a special barrier is required? Or a customised diameter is needed to improve palletisation, handling and storage? What if colour and shape do not meet house style demands? Or specific hygiene measures are needed?

Custom designed packagingSometimes by slightly modifying a standard product we can offer a suitable solution. But other times we need to go a step further to provide the right solution.

CurTec offers the possibility to custom design packaging at relatively low quantities which perfectly fits your needs and adds value to your supply chain.

Custom packaging design requires thorough knowledge of a supply chain. Supply chain analysis can be a time-consuming effort, often without success. CurTec not only has a vast experience in designing custom packaging but also in analysing supply chains. We are here to assist you.

In the right hand column you will find some examples of custom designed packaging. If you would like to know more about custom design, contact us for more details. Or invite us to discuss your packaging challenge. Together we can create a packaging solution that decreases your cost and increases your profit.

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