About CurTec

CurTec develops, manufactures and distributes high performance packaging. We supply plastic packaging products that distinguish themselves by quality, functionality, user-friendliness and design. The industries we serve include pharma, specialty chemicals, food ingredients and logistics.

CurTec employs 130 people and has offices in 6 countries. CurTec was created in 1991 from the former Curver Plastics and is still based in Rijen (NL).

Safety and quality are the core principles of our company. These principles motivate our staff and help improve working conditions and methods. Reliability greatly determines customer satisfaction and the success of our company.

CurTec also stands for sustainable security. We define sustainability as doing everything possible within our knowledge and expertise to build a better social, economic and ecologic future. This means we will always want to develop ourselves, looking for improvement. Want to know more?

CurTec builds a sustainable company