Chemtura: “Granulates and powders with a high-quality appearance”

Chemtura was looking for a solution to transport and package premium powders and granulates. Amongst their requirements were safety and ease of use. But acceptance by customers also played a significant role: “The appearance of the packaging must be in keeping with our quality”, said Leen Verhoeven, Packaging Project Manager for Europe. They chose the Click Pack by CurTec.

In 2011, Chemtura AgroSolutions, a division of Chemtura (an international company that manufactures specialised crop protection agents and chemicals) was looking for a specific packaging solution for the Turkish market.  Leen Verhoeven: ‘The packaging had to be in line with our ‘Declaration of Compliance’. So we were looking for a supplier that at least complied with the required ISO certifications. The packaging also needed to be UN certified.”

“Packaging that was in line with our Declaration of Compliance”

The high-quality appearance of the packaging is important
Chemtura has previously used CurTec packaging for other applications. “That was why we knew that we were dealing with a reliable partner”, said the Packaging Manager. However, in selecting the correct packaging solution, other factors such as ease of handling, safety, stability and also appearance, played a role. “The packaging also needed to be accepted by our customers.”

chemtura Click Pack for agrichemicalsExtensively tested
Marketing, Sales and Production evaluated and tested the Click Pack. Leen Verhoeven: “Different aspects of the packaging played a role for each department. For the marketing department, it was essential to have a smartly designed and easy-to-use product. Customers base their opinion about a product on its appearance. The Production department was charmed by how easy the packaging was to use. It only takes a quarter turn to open and close the Click Pack. No tools are required. In addition, the packaging is nestable. This makes a difference in terms of time, space and inconvenience on the floor.”

“The versatility of the Click Pack
makes a difference in terms of time and costs”


However, stability on a pallet and the versatile nature of the packaging also scored highly. “It can carry both powders weighing up to 5 kg and granulates weighing up to 20 kg. This meant that we could use the Click Pack for the regular transportation of hazardous substances and also for transporting limited quantities with additional requirements. Furthermore, the packaging constantly met legal requirements. This ultimately makes a difference in terms of costs.”

Packaging that is simple to clean
One feature that played a role in the choice of packaging was cleanliness. “The smooth inner side and design make it easy to thoroughly clean the Click Pack. In Europe, farmers are required to clean their used packaging themselves. They do this using a special rinsing machine. This prevents any residual products from entering the environment. When the packaging is properly rinsed, it has to be taken to special collection points for pesticide packaging, where it is recycled. In the Netherlands, the packaging can be put in with industrial waste. This is an important benefit for our customers”, said Leen Verhoeven

Rapid and effective support
Chemtura has been working with the Click Pack for over a year. Since then, they have also used the packaging in countries such as Italy and Finland. Chemtura’s experiences of working with CurTec have been positive. “Even when we had a problem once when lids were delivered in the wrong colour, this was quickly and efficiently resolved. Furthermore, CurTec provided a lot of helpful information about the requirements set out in the Declaration of Compliance.  This also ultimately has a positive effect on the image of our granulates and powders.”



Chemtura chose a high-quality packaging to add to its quality image and for optimum ease-of-use. What is your packaging challenge? CurTec will be pleased to help you look for the solution.


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About Chemtura
Chemtura AgroSolutions is a leading speciality developer and manufacturer of crop protection agents such as seed treatment products, fungicides, acaricides, insecticides, plant growth regulators and herbicides and chemical products. For more information:


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