Change control: Packo with two-component lid

May 1st, 2015

The following information concerns all our valued customers who buy or intend to buy Packo small volume containers with two-component lids. As part of our change control protocol, I would like to inform you about a planned change of raw material used for containers and lids, a change of raw material used for the integrated gasket and a minor design change.

Raw material change
The EU legislation (EC 10/2011) on materials for food contact is about to change. As of January 1st 2016, all plastic packaging materials must comply with newly defined overall migration limits. CurTec wants its packaging products to comply with the new food contact regulation. Recent analysis however showed that we cannot achieve that goal to our satisfaction with all our raw materials and colorants.

Until now, most Packo’s have been manufactured of one PP brand for which we have no suitable alternative brands. In order to secure continuity of supply, we have decided to switch to HDPE as raw material for all Packo containers and lids. We have sufficient alternative HDPE brands available to us with a higher reliability of supply.

Before choosing HDPE, we made sure it fulfilled all our technical and quality requirements. Our R&D department has extensively tested HDPE Packo's to make sure that they perform equally well or even better than the original PP version.

In order to further secure continuity of supply, we have also invested in new container and lid moulds.

CurTec also decided to select new raw materials for the manufacture of the integrated gasket because we cannot guarantee that the current material will comply with the new regulation. We have already approved one material and are testing a second one. As soon as it has been approved, you will be notified.

For your reference, I have made a detailed summary of all relevant technical data, available certificates and other background information of the HDPE Packo small volume containers with two-component lids. Please be aware that the product codes have been modified. Also the lay-out of and information on the product data sheets has been updated. The packaging units remain unchanged but no longer appear on the product data sheet.

Download the raw material change summary

Design change
In the past we have received feedback from customers that the screw lids were sometimes difficult to fit on Packo containers. This was caused by the tab on the tamper evidence strip which is attached to the lids. Sometimes it gets bent in the box during transport and folds inwards when placed on a container. Despite several modifications to our production process, we were never really able to fully eliminate this problem.

Therefor we made a minor design change to the lid and turned the tab of the tamper evidence strip upwards so that it cannot bend anymore. I have made a detailed summary of this design change.

Download the design change summary

Please review both documents carefully. Should you require additional information to process this change in your quality system, please contact me by e-mail before June 1st 2015. If you do not respond before this date, CurTec assumes that you will formally accept this change.

As of July 1st 2015, the Packo container and two-component lid (4370) will be manufactured from HDPE. The lid will also have an integrated gasket of the new material.

You can place a final order of the current version until June 15th 2015. Valued customers who for some reason cannot accept HDPE as raw material, will still be able to order PP Packos with two-component lids, but only as a customised item. Our Inside Sales department can inform you about the delivery terms of customised items.

For further assistance, please e-mail me:

Kind regards,

Eef van Holland
Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Officer