Change control: EPDM gaskets

October 1st, 2014

The following information concerns all our valued customers who buy or intend to buy CurTec-drums. As part of our change control protocol, I would like to inform you about a planned change of gaskets used in the drum closure.

In order to secure a reliable source of supply, we are in the process of appointing new suppliers for gaskets. These suppliers are using a different base material for the gaskets; EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). EPDM is the synthetic alternative for the current NR/SBR (natural rubber) version.

Before choosing this material as an alternative to the NR/SBR gaskets, we made sure it fulfilled all our technical and quality requirements. Our R&D department extensively tested its sealing capacity, migration performance and moisture vapor transmission according to international standards.

In future deliveries all CurTec drums will be fit with either the NR/SBR or EDPM gasket. Similar to the different brands of plastic material used in the drums, the type of gasket that is fit in a specific drum can be traced via identification marks on individual products.

For your reference, I have made a detailed summary of all relevant data on quality testing, available certificates and other background information on the EPDM gaskets:

Download the change summary

Please review the documents carefully. Should you require additional information to process this change in your quality system, please respond to me by e-mail before November 1st 2014. If you do not respond before this date, CurTec assumes that you will formally accept this change.

As of December 1st 2014 all drums will be fit with a gasket from either NR/SBR or EDPM

Both materials fully comply with CurTec quality specifications, based on industry standards.

For further assistance, please e-mail me:

Kind regards,

Eef van Holland
Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Officer