Change control: Drums

April 1st, 2015

The following information is intended for all of our valued customers who have purchased or intend to purchase drums. As part of our change control protocol, I would like to inform you about a proposed change to the raw materials and colourants used for drums and lids and the introduction of an alternative EPDM ring and a change to the UN marking on the 110 litre Total opening drum.

Change to raw materials
From 1 January 2016, the European legislation (EC 10/2011) on plastic materials that are intended for contact with food products will be tightened. CurTec wants all of its packaging products for food applications to meet the amended legislation. However, we found in a recent study that we are unable to do this with our current raw materials and colourants.

That is why CurTec has changed the composition of several colourants and has added alternative raw materials and colourants in order to be able to maintain the reliability of our supplies. We have satisfied ourselves that products manufactured from these materials meet all technical and quality requirements. These changes do not apply to the conductive drums.

Changes to rings
To increase the reliability of our supplies, CurTec has chosen a second supplier for the EPDM rings. CurTec has decided to fit all standard drum lids with an EPDM ring over the long term. We will inform you about this in due course.

Changes to UN marking
The UN marking on the 110 litre Total opening drum (6994) has been changed. The gross weights for the other packaging groups will now also be stated alongside the gross weight for packaging group I.

Changes to product data sheets
For your information, I have prepared an extensive summary of the relevant technical data, certificates and other background information that will apply to these changes. The layout and the information on the product data sheets has been changed. The packaging units will no longer be mentioned on the product data sheets, but these remain unchanged. From now on, the raw materials will be described in a Specification of used materials. From now on, the colourants will be described in a Declaration of Compliance for contact with food.

Material Track Clock
The product data sheets for the 75 and 115 litre Nestable drums (7276 & 7294) mention a Material Track Clock. This code corresponds to a material indication on the actual drum. A Material Track Clock will be added to all product data sheets over time. We will inform you about this when CurTec introduces this.

Download the summary of changes

Please read this information carefully. If you require any additional information in order to introduce this change into your quality system, please contact us before 1 May 2015. If you do not reply by this date, CurTec will assume that you have formally accepted these changes.

From 1 June 2015, these changes will be incorporated into the production of all drums and lids. From 1 August, all drums and lids will be delivered in accordance with this notification.

For further assistance, please e-mail me:

Kind regards,

Eef van Holland
Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Officer