Bulk tablet containers

Why you need bulk tablet containers? If you’re operating in the pharmaceutical industry, you’ll know that tablet elegance is a constant concern. Not only is the overall elegance a prerequisite for consumer acceptance, it is also essential to a tablet’s weight variation or content uniformity. Maintaining tablet elegance during production, packing, and shipping, however, requires an ongoing quality control process as well as appropriate packaging that protects against moisture vapor ingress and mechanical shocks.

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Issues that tend to occur during bulk storage and shipment include softening or disintegration, breakage, and dusting. Are you daunted by the very idea of it? Don’t fret. CurTec can provide you with a variety of plastic drums and containers that offer sufficient protection against these threats.

As all CurTec packs have screw lids with (integrated) gaskets that prevent moisture or water from entering through the closure, they provide an excellent barrier against moisture. And whereas trucks and forklifts can easily damage something like a fiber drum, these plastic drums cannot be weakened by moisture, thus retaining their structural integrity. An additional advantage: you can reuse your bulk tablet containers time and again, and they will not lose any of their strength or elegance.

The first line of defense is a solid and robust container providing a proper barrier against water vapor. CurTec offers a range of top-quality plastic drums and bulk tablet containers whose performance is superior compared to that of other packaging materials. Our drums are UN approved for solids, which means that their overall quality is under constant surveillance.

About our tablet containers

Our product range consists of Wide neck drums, Total opening drums, Nestable drums, and Click Pack. These bulk tablet containers are specifically used for packing tablets, ensuring their overall elegance.

Tamper-evident bulk tablet containers

It may be important for you and your clients to make sure that your bulk tablet containers haven’t been tampered with. Especially when dealing with pharmaceuticals such as tablets, you need to know that your products are and will remain safe throughout the logistics process. That is why all CurTec containers have tamper-evident seals and areas in which you can place barcodes.

Proof of quality

It’s good to know that CurTec bulk tablet containers bear the UN marking – a proof of their quality, as it means that their mechanical strength is constantly tested through stacking and drop tests. The handling process tends to go very smoothly, because they are exceptionally user friendly thanks to the shape of the base which is adapted to the lid. This makes for a perfect fit while stacking, greatly shortening your handling times. We test our bulk tablet containers and other products continuously and extensively. Would you like to see proof of performance? Contact us for accreditation documents, transportation simulations, and DOT and UN reports.

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