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CurTec provides optically clean packaging. Visual inspection after production in a cGMP facility results in packaging that is free of particles visible to the eye. This level of cleanliness for bulk packaging is acceptable to most customers in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals and  food ingredients industries.

However, certain customers require a higher level of cleanliness due to their specific applications. In order to provide  a customized level of cleanliness, additional testing is required. The following video explains the process of measuring particles..

Particle measurement

Every hour during production, products are rinsed with demineralized water in order to enable particle counting. A customer determines the maximum number of residual particles after rinsing. Production can continue as long as this maximum is not exceeded.

If the number of particles exceeds the maximum, production is discontinued for inspection and cleaning. The process of particle counting continues until a positive result is achieved.

Want to know more?

CurTec is a GMP certified packaging company. Hygiene management is part of ISO 15378. For a complete list of CurTec’s current certifications, please download our Regulatory Affairs document:

Regulatory Affairs Data Sheet




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